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Secure, reliable business grade hosting that sees your website kept up to date and backed up daily.

Does your website hosting company keep you safe?

Not all website hosting companies are the same!

There is a reason why some hosting companies charge $10 and others charge hundreds.  It all comes down to the quality and quantity of services that are included in your hosting package.  Here are just a few questions that you should be asking your website hosting provider.

Is your website hosted in the same country as your clients?

A lot of the cheap hosting companies have all their servers based in a set country, such as The USA or China.  If you are based in Australia, then this can cause performance issues, and in some cases could be a breach of law depending what industry you are in.

At Trapdoor Media, we can host your website in the most relevant country in relation to your clients.  We have servers in Australia, Canada, India, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, UK and both East Coast and West Coast USA.

Are you sharing an IP Address with other websites?

Nearly all cheap hosting providers are putting dozens if not hundreds of websites on the same website hosting server, meaning that you are sharing an IP address with them.  If one of those other websites does something that gets your shared IP address blacklisted, then you may have some issues with people finding your website or even receiving your email.

At Trapdoor Media, our hosting platform gives you a dedicated, unique IP address which means that you will never have to worry about the behaviour of others on your server. 

Is your website backed up regularly and how easy is it to restore?

The cheaper website hosting providers do not back up your website at all, so if something goes wrong, you can lose everything!

Other hosting providers may back up your website but it may be intermittent or very hard to restore if something does happen to go wrong.

At Trapdoor Media, we back up your website daily and keep the last 30 backups in store as well in case you need to restore an historical version of your website.

On top of that, we can restore a website within 15 minutes after speaking with you.

Are your plugins and website framework updated regularly?

Very few website hosting companies provide this as part of their services.  Many of them, particularly the budget ones, are just a parking spot for your website and will not in any way help you maintain it.

This can lead to the website code becoming dated, which can cause issues with security, performance and ranking with search engines such as Google. Worst case, the site can just break.

At Trapdoor Media, our systems check for framework, security and plugin updates several times a day and can automatically update your website to the latest version safely and securely.

Do they send you any website performance reports?

How do you know how well your site is performing if you are not getting a regular report?

What we provide is a monthly website statistical report which will show you the following:

  • The updates that were performed
  • The backups that have occured
  • The traffic that has come to your website and how it got there
Are their any extra benefits?

One thing we know for sure, is that almost nobody else offers website content updates as part of their hosting package.

At Trapdoor Media, we offer monthly website updates as part of our hosting package.

  • Want to change out a picture?
  • Add or change some text?
  • Have written a blog and want to add it to your news feed?

We can do othis on your behalf as part of our website hosting service.  Get in touch with us to find out more.


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