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You only have a few seconds to impress visitors that land on your website. You also need to make it easy for them to find what they want.  On top of that, your website needs to work across multiple devices such as computer, laptop, tablet and mobile.  Sound difficult? This is where Trapdoor Media can help.



Drone videography and aerial photography are cost effective ways to get quailty, elevated footage.  Industries that Trapdoor Media works with include Real Estate, Construction, Recreation and Tourism.  If you would like a bird’s eye view on your project, then get in touch to get started.


photos & videos

The ability to shoot images and video in 3d have opened up a vast new experiences.  The technology required to view these experiences is now in our hands every day with smartphones.  Find out how Trapdoor Media can use this technology to give your clients a truly immersive look at your offerings.     

Do You Prefer Pleasure or Pain?

OK, this question is a pretty easy one to answer, right? We would all prefer to experience pleasure rather than pain.  But what if we had to experience some pain in order to acquire the thing that gifted us with pleasure?  Well, this is where it gets interesting....

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We all Judge a Book by its Cover

We all guilty of doing things that we are not supposed to do from early childhood, I know my Mum would be nodding her head vigorously in agreement. “Don’t touch that!”, “You can’t eat that!”, “Where are your pants?”Some of these things we have grown out of (or broke a...

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DIY SEO Tips #2 – Online Business Listings

Online Business Listings can generate an online presence for you if you do not have a website as yet, though the real power comes when you do have a website.  Online business listings can generate quality backlinks for your website, helping to push it up through the...

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