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We will review your site and send you a free report on the current structure, content and security of your site and how it could be improved. 

The 5 core components of your website that we review.

When we review a website, we look at the 5 key items that make a website tick.  If you can get these 5 items working optimally, your website will be generating business for you.

These 5 items are:

The ease of navigation and use of the site desktop and mobile.  What sort of experience does a visitor have and how this can be improved?

Branding, layout, flow, elements used.  Is the design acurately portraying your brand?  Has it been developed to attract the clientelle you are after?

Images v text, calls to action, fresh new content.  Is the content on your site engaging?  Is there a good balance between images and text? Are there calls to action to get visitors to engage?

Search Engine Optimisation. Keyword rankings, backlinks, competition.  How do you currently stand against your competition?

Site framework, hosting, updates and security.  Is your website safe, secure and running at optimal performance?

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