drone videography

bunbury cemetery board

Drone video inspection of the multiple buildings that are located across the entire cemetery property.

Pieter from the Bunbury Cemetery Board was in need of documenting the current building asset status. The cost of doing this in the past was quite prohibitive as it would require a combination of aerial photography via plane and the hire of plant equipment (elevated work platforms, cherry picker etc). These costs meant that creating the required reports was not viable to do on a regular basis.

After meeting with Pieter and explaining that we could shoot both the aerial photography and also get the close up shots of elevated locations with the drone he was interested.  Once we also explained that we could do it at a fraction of the cost, he was ready for us to get started.

We shot the whole location in 4k video, capturing the entire outside and roof of each building.  We also shot the layout of the crematorium gardens and did a flyover of the entire site for his records.  Shooting in 4k allows us to pull out individual frames and present them as 8 megapixel quality stills.  This allows for picking out focal points in an inspection and presendting them in great detail.

“The drone work at the Bunbury Cemetery and Crematorium  is of a high standard and shows great detail for us to use as a management tool for checking on maintenance requirements , insurance verification , ie before and after events and historical recording of the area.

This also assists with future planning as the top view gives a new perspective.”

– Pieter Den Boer, manager

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