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Promotional video for a renovation that combined drone footage and still photography.  

Roger was looking to develop some video content to use for social media promotions.  We suggested that we could use a combination of photos and drone footage to create something eye catching. 

The Parklyn Constructions team already had some professional photos of the property taken, so all we needed to do was shoot some drone footage and edit them together… easy right?

There were a few challenges shooting this property, as it is situated on a busy road and there are power lines and a tree right in front of the house.  The footage was shot at 2 different times of the day in order to avoid traffic.  Once at 5:30am while everyone else was sleeping, and again just before we lost light to shoot in in the evening.

Once we managed to capture suitable drone footage, we spliced it along with the photos and music to create a video clip that they could then promote on social media. The engagement created by the video during their social media campaign was a lot higher than previous campaigns that lacked such content.    

“Our company has used Simon to help us develop video and improve our social media presence. We have found him to be very informative and helpful. He came up with some very good suggestions that were of great benefit to us. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.”

– Roger Martin, owner

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